1 Stage Machine Polish

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1 Stage Machine Polish

Out 1 stage machine polish is recommended for lightly swirled and marred paintwork. Most cars less than 3 months old will require this treatment. improving and refreshing the paintwork finish and leave the vehicle properly protected. Also ideal as a bi-annual or pre-winter treatment.

Even poor technique can result in the weekly wash inflicting swirls and scratches, similarly damaging the sensitive clear coat finish and causing it to lose gloss.

For vehicles with surface swirls and light-to-moderate blemishes such as bug etch and staining, a machine polish is the answer. In addition restoring the gloss and enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your car.

Our detailing treatment for better than showroom finish.

Guaranteed for 12 months or up to 12,000 miles. Our 1 stage machine polish is service carried out by highly trained professional detailers. With a wealth of experience to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible treatment. Only the most modern and innovative paint protection coatings are used. This ensures your vehicle’s paintwork is protected against environmental elements. For instance UV, acid rain etch and bird droppings as well as offering swirl resistance, hydrophobicity and impervious to extremes of pH.

Our machine polish treatment Includes:

  • Removal of transportation wax, tar, tree sap & brake dust.
  • Degreasing, removal of diesel splatters & oily road grime.
  • Pre-cleaning with lubrication & cleaner products to lift dirt from the paintwork.
  • Warm water safe wash using a pH neutral, pure shampoo.
  • Paintwork inspection & removal of bonded contamination using detailing clay.
  • Then as well a final rinse.
  • Dried using deep fibre microfiber towels.
  • Furthermore a paintwork appraisal including paint depth analysis if necessary.
  • 1-stage machine polish to enhance gloss and remove surface defects.
  • Panel cleanse to prepare surfaces for the 1 year high gloss paint protection.

Also available with a 3 year high gloss paint protection & 5 year high gloss paint protection

Treatment takes approximately 7-8 hours to complete.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon C 200 SE 9G-Tronic Plus auto

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Independent Dealer:£16,465
Private Good:£15,480
Private Poor:£13,625
Part Exchange:£14,660
Original Price:£33,185


Enhancing & protecting your vehicle with our 1 stage machine polish. The most effective way of retaining its cosmetic appearance for as long as possible whilst preserving its resale value. Price comparison for 2017/67  registration plate price comparison made  on 22/02/2020

Price guide shows a difference of £1855 in conclusion a machine polish will add value ti your vehicle whilst you are able to to enjoy the better than showroom finish. While being protected for 1, 3, 5 or upto 9 years high gloss paint protection.

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