1-5 year high gloss paint protection

Protect your investment with our high gloss paint protection comprehensive treatment to all of the vehicle exterior.

This will prolong the appearance and protect the exterior surfaces.

Our high gloss treatments are far superior to and therefore can not be compared with anything a main dealer offers.

Car dealerships offer paint protection packages.

However they do not have the time, the equipment or the knowledge to properly prepare a vehicle prior to applying the coating,

Consequently, the results can be disappointing, with contamination and paintwork blemishes permanently sealed beneath.

Our high gloss service is carried out by highly trained professional detailers.

With a wealth of experience to ensure your vehicle receives the best possible treatment. Only the most modern and innovative coatings are used.

This ensures your vehicle’s paintwork is protected against environmental elements.

Such as UV, acid rain etch and bird droppings.

As well as offering swirl resistance, hydrophobicity and imperviousness to extremes of pH.

Our high gloss treatments Includes:

  • Removal of transportation wax, tar, tree sap & brake dust.
  • Degreasing, removal of diesel splatters & oily road grime.
  • Pre-cleaning with lubrication & cleaner products to lift dirt from the paintwork.
  • Warm water safe wash using a pH neutral, pure shampoo.
  • Paintwork inspection & removal of bonded contamination using detailing clay.
  • Final rinse with water.
  • Dried using deep fibre microfiber towels.
  • Paintwork appraisal including paint depth analysis.
  • Machine polish to enhance gloss and remove surface defects.
  • Panel cleanse to prepare surfaces for the high gloss paint protection
  • 1-5 years with up to 9 years available.

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paint protection
paint protection
paint protection


What is Car Paint Protection?

Car dealerships offer customers buying brand new vehicles a paint protection package.
With a lifetime warranty with a price of around £1000-£3000 depending on the vehicle.
These lifetime warranties require a topping up of the paint protection on a very regular basis.
Some lifetime warranty car dealer sealants require topping up with every subsequent wash.

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