Car wraps

Why paint when you can wrap?

Car wraps change the colour of your car quickly and affordably.

Don’t paint your car. Reimagine it, transform it, wrap it, with car wrapping. We can take your car and turn into something spectacular, with a wide range of coloured and textured vinyl car wrapping films. Change the colour and impact of your car anytime you want, with a car body wrap.

  • Change the colour of your car quickly and cost effectively, with no need for a re-spray
  • Car wrapping is reversible, so if you want to go back to the way the car was later on, you can
  • Car wraps can even protect your original paintwork from sun damage and mild abrasions.

Available in a number of finishes:

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Car Wraps
Lamborghini in burnt orange matt


How Much Does a Full Car Wrap Cost?

In general, it costs £1,000—£5,000 to wrap a full car.
If you want a bespoke vinyl wrap, it could cost up to  £10,000 or more

Can you use a car wash for a wrapped vehicle?

Use of a brush car wash may cause damage to your vehicle wrap, including dulling, scratching, and lifting the edges of the film.
It is possible to pressure wash a vehicle with a graphic wrap however extra car is recommended.

The best way to wash a car that has a wrap is the 2 bucket wash method

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