Car Detailing Products

Car Detailing Products

What car detailing products do you use?

We use a huge range of car detailing products for instance.
3M, AC Delco, Angel Wax, Atomiza, Auto Finesse, Bilt Hammer, Britemax, Chemical Guys, Collinite, Collinite. in addition Detail Guardz, Detailing Outlaws, Dodo Juice, Dooka, Duran Tools, EZ Detail, Farecla, Fictech, Flex, Flexipads. Gliptone, Grit 1, GTechniq, Insta Finish, Invisible Glass, Kestrel, Koch Chemie, Lake County, Malco, Martin Cox. Meguiar’s, Mer, Menzerna, Metrovac, Microfiber Madness, more tools, Porboys, Perfection, Presta. Rupes, Scangrip Lighting, Scholl, Daytona, Stjarna Gloss, Swissvax, Vonixx, Wheel Woolies, Wolfgang.
These are a selection of the product we use but is in no way limited to.

Why do you use soo many products?

Above all we are not tied to using a single or a few products to get the best deal or a bulk discount.
Therefore allowing us to use products from all over the world such as USA, Australia, Japan and Europe.

To view the different car detailing treatments we offer click here.

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For car wraps click here.

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car detailing products

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